Refreshing with Freshies!

Over Christmas break I got the chance to ski with family and friends. Not only was the skiing fantastic, it also provided some great “catching up” time. Seeing old friends Après-ski, hearing about their lives and families, I’m reminded that skiing in my hometown makes for the perfect day. The chairlift is the ideal place to laugh and reminisce with family and friends. The lift line produces multiple opportunities to run into old classmates and even make new acquaintances. To top it off, successful powder hunting, makes for life-long memories. This Christmas I hope you’re surrounded by loved ones, and deep fluffy powder!

Successful Powder Hunting makes for lifelong memories!

Successful Powder Hunting makes for lifelong memories!

The last day of November

406899_162025597235031_326880617_nWhat we’re most thankful for on the last day of #thankfulnovember is YOU! Our customers, supporters and friends are the best. Thanks for being a RooEpic fan! The success of this little Grand County-based business is attributed to YOU!


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Nov. 28

559836_3187701563745_916887927_nToday RooEpic is thankful for:

1. grandma’s pie
2. games with cousins
3. sleeping in on vacation
4. hikes with the family
5. frosty air
6. inside jokes with siblings

Have a safe and happy Black Friday. Stay tuned for RooEpic deals!

November 23

IMG_8706Our very first best friends, the ones we grew up with, shared genes and memories, today we’re thankful for cousins.

Thanksgiving is usually celebrated with family and as we prepare for the holiday and reminisce about the past RooEpic remembers just how fabulous cousins are. Share some love with your cousins by sending them a package of some RooEpic stuff.

“A cousin is a ready made friend for life.”

“A cousin is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.” Marion C. Garretty

“Time passes and we may be apart, but cousins always stay close at heart.”

Thankful for music


Today we’re thankful for:

1. Music
2. the perfect playlist
3. mood reflective songs
4. the best beats
5. singing along in the car, the shower, in the kitchen, on top of mountains, wherever
6. singing with friends
7. all the times that we were NOT caught busting out some embarrassing lyrics
8. jamming out to an artist
9. iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, the radio
10. headbands that help hold in headphones